Avalon Theater to Open this Coming Fall as a Hologram Theater

The historic Regal Theater will have a new image this coming fall. It will become the Avalon Theater which will be the country’s first hologram theater.

The Regal Theater stood 89 years of existence and became a historical landmark on 79th Street Chicago Skyway.  

The restoration and transformation of the theater have already started and is set to open on October 1, where it will feature both the living and dead performers.

Eerie huh! But that’s what the hologram theater is all about.  With its digital images, it can relive even the oldest and resting performers of our time as if they were still alive today.  That’s how technology plays in our digital world now.  

Imagine that his theater has withstood the test of time. It has witnessed every historical moment of the generations that has passed and will come.  It is the silent witness to all the glorious past of Chicago.

But what is a hologram? And how do people get to appreciate a hologram image?

Well basically, a hologram is a 3-d image where you don’t need to see it by using special glasses.  A hologram can be viewed by our naked eye as if it was real and really there before us.

This idea can be best done by concert artist or performers who cannot be physically present during the event.  Through live streaming, you can view the artist performing live in hologram view though she is in another place.

That is the beauty of technology.  This hi-tech innovation can bring in a real life view of our favorite artists or performer though they may be miles and miles away.

The producer can save a lot of money by using this hologram idea.  They do not need to pay a huge amount of concert contracts just to get the artist’s presence. Maybe half of the price will be reduced because he or she will just be projected through a hologram image.

The original plans of the Avalon Theater are to be projected as a full hologram theater.  And they envisioned reliving the images of the iconic singers like Buddy Holly, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland and Chicago’s Bernie Mac.

The plans of restoring the Avalon Theater through the hologram ideas is also restoring the memories of the great celebrities that has become part of our lives.

It is a good news that the once iconic and historical building will remain in its state only with some changes that will adapt and conform to the modern times of the technological world.

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