Chicago’s Mamby Beach Festival on for More Than Just Good Music

Chicago will hold its beachside festival with Green Velvet to grace the event.  We all knew that Chicago is the birthplace of home music.  It is where some of the greatest artists in the world came from.

Frankie Knuckles and Steve Silk Hurley are some these fast-rising stars from Chicago. Their names made Chicago on top of the chart in the whole world. This is the beginning of a good start for some new artists like Green Velvet.

Curtis Alan Jones a.k.a Green Velvet will perform at the Mamby Beach for the 25th anniversary celebration of his label. Mamby is special for Green Velvet, for him Mamby is more than just music, it is the celebration of Chicago which features an artist that represent the city’s musical history.

A day on Mamby beach will not only showcase Green Velvet, it will definitely have a lot more artists who will come and collaborate with the festivities at the beach.

Mamby Beach Festival is one of the best festivals in Chicago.  If every cities have their own festivals, Mamby Beach Festival is one those Chicago can compete with all the other festivities around in terms of fun, excitement and activities.  

The beach alone is enough motivation for the party and beach goers.  

Added to that the fun that the beach brings along and the good music rendered by your favorite artists, like Green Velvet, surely your summer festival is already 101% solved.

You got everything you want and need in this Mamby Beach Festival.  It will take more just concert and music, there will also other activities to enjoy besides enjoying good music.  Nadi Yoga sessions will be held also during the festivals.  So for all fitness enthusiasts, it is also the best time to be at the Mambo Beach Festival.

Not only you will be exercised through yoga practice but there will also be an art workshop and poetry recitation. Mamby partnered with the Young Chicago Authors for these live poetry and open mic performances.

The Bomb Squad from YCA will perform their live poetry performances for the audience delight.

The Mamby Beach Festival is really for the ones who appreciate music and the arts.  It will awaken the artist in you.  So you will truly be amazed and relaxed your mind with all the cool events lined up before you.

This celebration is for all genres.  People from all walks of life and with different ages and life’s perspective will enjoy this Mamby Beach Festival.

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