Davenport’s Piano Bar Review in Chicago

We love piano bars obviously because we’re the best piano movers in Chicago and we’ve helped numerous bars and other business get their pianos where they want it and where they needed. Since we’re die hard jazz piano fans, we as a company like to go together to piano bars for TGIF for a good time. A place that we went to last week was called Davenport’s Piano Bar and Cabaret, which found about from this review that we found online.

“The youthful hipster haunt of Wicker Park isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a tried-and-true piano bar and cabaret venue, but Davenport’s does its best to revive a fading art form. Owner Bill Davenport and his partners transformed a single-story storefront into an intimate, chic gem that provides a much-needed showcase for Chicago-bred talent, with a sprinkling of visiting performers from New York and L.A. The piano bar in front is flashier than the subdued cabaret in back, featuring a singing waitstaff, blue velvet banquettes, funky lighting fixtures, and a hand-painted mural-topped bar. The cabaret’s sound equipment is first rate.” – Read more: http://www.frommers.com

For the most part, this review was pretty accurate and we loved it. We got to see Cindy Benson, the Broadway actress last year and she was amazing! The piano they had was also awesome and a few of the guys got to fiddle around on it. We didn’t plan on seeing her there but it just happened that she showed up. As for the drinks, it was affordable and delicious, which is what you expect from a place like Davenport. Also check out the video below if you want Cindy Benson Singing, Boston Beguine that one of my guys recorded. It’s great!


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