A Day In A Country Music Festival Now On Its 10th Year

A Day in a Country Music Festival will be celebrating its 10th year. In the celebration of its 10th year, it will have two-time Grammy Awards winner Jimmy Lauderdale.  Lauderdale along with other artists will be the top performers on the  10th yr anniversary of A Day in a Country Music Festival.

The Festival will happen on June 25 at The Hideout in Wabansia Avenue, Chicago at 2 p.m. Lawrence Peters is one of the organizers of the event who will also be there to perform for the audience.

Lawrence has expressed his admirations over Lauderdale.  He firmly believes that Lauderdale is one of the most deserving artists/performers who should be performing in The Hideout.  Lawrence said that he doesn’t seem to be so impressed with the Grammys but Lauderdale was able to have two awards.  So this just totally speaks so much about himself.

Lawrence Peters started this A Day in a Country Music Festival years back and he can’t seem to believe that the Festival has come this far.  He has conceptualized a lot of different styles and format to suit the taste of the viewing public.  

He made sure that every year would be different from all the rest.  Putting up new and fresh artists on stage will truly draw the crowd in.  It is a good start up for neophyte artists and performers in the business.

Promoting Country Music is the prime priority of this festival.  It is through this kind of music that people from around the world get to see and hear the music of Chicago.

Lawrence Peter’s band is also part of the performers for the event.  And when asked what is the latest presentation they could give their fans and audience during the festival, he said that they just recently won the Chicago Music Awards.

They will be more than willing to share their craft and skills in music.  They have an upcoming album which carries all original songs and singles.  Some of which will be performed during the festival.

When asked about the future of the A Day in a Country Music Festival, Lawrence Peters simply said that it will continue to discover new talents who have country music playlist which he likes and he will contact them for next year’s festival.

He said that the festival is giving a fair opportunity for would-be artists and performers and this is giving them a good income with a solid paycheck.  Lawrence Peters see this as a way to both earn for the music and the musician.

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