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After moving your piano, it’s highly recommended by piano movers chicago that you always get your piano tuned after any move or change of environment. The weather and movement can really impact your piano tune and it’s no surprise that most people hire a professional piano tuner. You could try tuning the piano yourself but it’s highly not recommended. But if you were to try tuning your piano yourself, you’ll needing these tools.

Piano Tuning Tools:

“Common tools for tuning pianos include the tuning hammer or lever, a variety of mutes, and a tuning fork or electronic tuning device. The tuning hammer is used to turn the tuning pins, increasing or decreasing the tension of the string. Mutes are used to mute strings that are not being tuned. While tuning the temperament octave, a felt strip is often placed over the temperament (middle) section of the piano, and inserted between each note, muting the outer two strings of each note, but leaving the middle string free to vibrate. After the center strings are all tuned, the felt strip can be removed note by note, tuning the outer strings to the center strings. Wedge-shaped mutes are inserted between two strings to mute them, while a Papps mute is sometimes used for tuning the high notes in upright pianos because it slides easily between hammer shanks.” –Read More at Wikipedia  

Also we wanted to share this awesome video that explains pretty simply what piano tuning is. He goes into quite detail about piano tuning and explains the complexities of tuning a piano properly.


There are many factors when it comes to piano tuning since every piano is different and made uniquely. There’s different procedures and strategies to tuning a piano whether it’s an upright piano, a baby grand or a grand piano. Like there’s a different way to move a piano according to the brand and type. This is why we always recommend you go with a professional who knows what they are doing. No one likes a piano that’s out of tune. If you’re looking to move your piano, click here. Till next time, keep playing the piano and perhaps you’ll one day be the next Mozart.

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