Spring Awakening Festival Still a Must-See Festival in Chicago

Spring Awakening Music Festival is another music festival happening in Chicago in the coming weekend.  Be prepared to blow your mind for another spectacular event that is about to happen.

It is Chicago’s Premier Electronic Music Festival which is tagged as the Spring Awakening. Lineups of great musician and performer will be present to entertain the festival goers.

As it is tagged as an Electronic Music Festival, you would definitely feel the vibrancy and magic of the electronic wiz set up that they scattered around the place upon entering the festival gates.

In some reviews about this festival, some came up with negative reviews concerning the Spring Awakening Music Festival.  Technically speaking, they say that this did not necessarily live up to its expectations.

You wouldn’t expect long lines for passing but this did not surpass the expected outcomes for a festival. It fell short on other aspects of the festival organizing actions.  

No lines could be found upon entry and wristband scanning but you would surely found a long queue on water stations.  There are not enough water stations to service the festival goers.

Water seems to be a very valuable commodity during a high humidity temperature on a hot summer weekend. People will definitely fall on long lines just to get enough thirsts quenchers.

Organizers of the event should anticipate the big turnout of the crowd, alongside with this they should have made sure that there are enough of the people’s necessity like water.

The Festival, however, made sure that the performers on stage would do their act just in time.  Every artists/performer showed up right on time.

That is what the Spring Awakening Festival is all about, the real good music from their line-up and set of performers for the festival.  It was indeed a good electronic music going on top of everyone else.

You can just imagine the scorching heat and humidity toppling the crowded area.  This does not stop the guest’s artist from doing their best on stage and keeping the crowd screaming and enjoying the music that they hear from their favorite band.

Outstanding visuals and confetti add up to the mood of the electronic music.  It makes the ground sounding and looking so electronified.  

Although the Spring Awakening did not makeup to our expectations the presentations of the artists/performers and the creative visual electronic craft they showcase is enough to wow the crowd.

This Spring Awakening Festival is still a recommended festival and a must see  thing if you are in Chicago, just remember to bring your jugs of water to avoid lining up at the water stations.

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