The New Standards in Piano

piano movers chicagoPiano Mora is now offering the first piano building workshop, a high-gloss polyester finish, which sets new standards. This surface technique has been successfully used for several years by the company Visomax Coating GmbH Zellingen (Bavaria) for the finishing of high-end bodies. The Visomax Coating GmbH is a supplier of plant including Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lotus and Aston Martin. Together with Marco Peter Mueller, co-owner and project manager of Visomax Coating GmbH, tested and optimized the piano piano builder of the company Mora use of surface treatment in the application of piano construction.

The new method is suitable for instruments with polyester paint. Polyester coatings are since shortly before 2 World War used – also in piano. For high quality piano paint several layers of polyester varnish be processed. This conventional surfaces of wings and piano factories are without question quite black. “Piano lacquer” is not a synonym for the finest of about execution mirror-smooth surfaces. The paint shines nice, but actually not 100%. If you look closely, small scratches, “holograms” and a large area gray haze in the paint are visible.

This “modern piano varnish” can now for the first time receive a special polishing method, a deeper black: The new technology increases the reflectivity of the surface (technical term: “Gloss”) and produces a very deep, black luster.

… the result is phenomenal and extremely embarrassing for all renowned piano refinisher:
without a black veil, and even without streaking smallest polishing scratches! The wing shines in a irresistible deep black.

The hardness of the surface is the same way, but it has significantly less scratches. For this reason, the gloss is much higher.

The gloss is crafted
The finish of the paint is to ensure the highest quality nowadays also made the so-called “polishing” in upper class sedans by hand. The same applies in piano. “We use this advanced technology,” emphasizes the Klavierbaumeister “Such high quality but one can achieve only dedication and years of experience. We look forward immensely to the result.”

Carlos Mora, who has also studied physics and learned the organ, the surface checks after the operation with a gloss meter.
The measured values ​​are sensational, the change compared to the original surface to the eye clearly visible. Mora enthusiastic, “The only completely scratch free surface of the world is the surface of crystal clear water – and as we come off very close which means that the instrument after having a virtually scratch-free surface which is really important, as is the concert.. the vast cover of the wing, inclined – and in this perspective one sees on the face of every little scratch. ”

Such processing is possible, according to Carlos Mora both brand new as well as used instruments. The wings and can radiate form the opulent center of spectacular celebrations. This pleases the owner, also better resale prices can be achieved by the upscale appearance. Inquiries from all over Europe now in a Vilshofen, because this technology is so far offered exclusively by piano Mora – even the manufacturer does not yet work with it.

The first concert grand piano that is processed accordingly just in the workshop is next week for delivery. The owner, a lawyer, used our company to move their piano. We are the best piano movers Chicago and that you should read all our reviews. In the perfect surface of the piano you can now scratch-free mirror … real luxury gloss.

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