Chicago Best Concerts This Month

This great music update is brought to you by Piano Movers of Chicago, Illinois branch. Chicago Symphony Orchestra We are customers to the CSO as well as have an opportunity to participate in regarding 5 efficiencies each year. Also if you do not assume you like symphonic music, you must still have a look at […]

Chicago Top 3 Piano Tuners

Here is the Top 3 Piano Tuners in Chicago Great news from the Great Movers in the world, Piano Movers of Chicago! Ron Johnson’s Piano Tuning Service I located Ron on Yelp, called him and also had the ability to establish a consultation within the week. Ron did a fantastic task in adjusting our piano […]

Best 3 Piano Bars in Chicago

This great news update is brought to you by Piano Movers of Chicago, Illinois branch. Uptown Underground The burlesque program on Friday evening was remarkable! I will certainly see a program right here each time I check out Chicago. Great for days and also women evening out. Liked whatever regarding Uptown Underground! Lately, I had […]

Spring Awakening Festival Still a Must-See Festival in Chicago

Spring Awakening Music Festival is another music festival happening in Chicago in the coming weekend.  Be prepared to blow your mind for another spectacular event that is about to happen. It is Chicago’s Premier Electronic Music Festival which is tagged as the Spring Awakening. Lineups of great musician and performer will be present to entertain […]

A Day In A Country Music Festival Now On Its 10th Year

A Day in a Country Music Festival will be celebrating its 10th year. In the celebration of its 10th year, it will have two-time Grammy Awards winner Jimmy Lauderdale.  Lauderdale along with other artists will be the top performers on the  10th yr anniversary of A Day in a Country Music Festival. The Festival will […]

Chicago’s Mamby Beach Festival on for More Than Just Good Music

Chicago will hold its beachside festival with Green Velvet to grace the event.  We all knew that Chicago is the birthplace of home music.  It is where some of the greatest artists in the world came from. Frankie Knuckles and Steve Silk Hurley are some these fast-rising stars from Chicago. Their names made Chicago on […]

Avalon Theater to Open this Coming Fall as a Hologram Theater

The historic Regal Theater will have a new image this coming fall. It will become the Avalon Theater which will be the country’s first hologram theater. The Regal Theater stood 89 years of existence and became a historical landmark on 79th Street Chicago Skyway.   The restoration and transformation of the theater have already started […]

Super Helpful Resource to Moving a Piano

I found a very useful directory to help move anything in Chicago. I highly recommend everyone check it out. It’s a directory, which gives you a huge list of sites that you can link to. It’s pretty useful. We really love moving pianos and believe we can provide the best piano moving service in the […]

7 Facts About Pianos

Today, we’re just going to share a small list of facts that might be of interest to those who love the piano. These aren’t amazing new facts but I was surprised by a few when I was researching into writing this post. I hope you enjoy our random facts! There are over 12,000 parts in […]

Finding the Right Piano Tuner

After moving your piano, it’s highly recommended by piano movers chicago that you always get your piano tuned after any move or change of environment. The weather and movement can really impact your piano tune and it’s no surprise that most people hire a professional piano tuner. You could try tuning the piano yourself but […]

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