Davenport’s Piano Bar Review in Chicago

We love piano bars obviously because we’re the best piano movers in Chicago and we’ve helped numerous bars and other business get their pianos where they want it and where they needed. Since we’re die hard jazz piano fans, we as a company like to go together to piano bars for TGIF for a good […]

The New Standards in Piano

Piano Mora is now offering the first piano building workshop, a high-gloss polyester finish, which sets new standards. This surface technique has been successfully used for several years by the company Visomax Coating GmbH Zellingen (Bavaria) for the finishing of high-end bodies. The Visomax Coating GmbH is a supplier of plant including Ferrari, Rolls Royce, […]

Piano For Beginners

As once the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said it already. “Without music life would be a mistake” If you think about it, this is no coincidence, since most people have played at least once in life a musical instrument at least for a while or play until today. Some hobbyists also feels called to turn […]

How to Buy A Used Piano

It is common to find in a flea market, a consignment shop, in an antique shop, in an auction, the neighbor, or even among the grandparents, old piano, its aesthetics and engaging sound, can attract the eye and want to buy it. Not only is it a concern when buying a new piano, you really […]

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